PassExpress is Modern|Simple|Powerful


We do most of the setup for you, so you can be up and running quickly.


Your logo. Your colors. Your text. Your passes reflect your brand, so we give you ultimate control.


With multiple marketing and reward patterns to choose from, you choose what works best for your company.


With PassExpress, you have the ability to deliver your deals and specials in real time - without annoying text messages.


Easily reach customers who may have never found you by participating in our community based deals sites.


Low costs mean your ROI is quickly realized.

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Full Mobile Support

iPhone? Android? The decision is yours.

PassExpress is integrated with the Apple Wallet and Google Pay apps, meaning that your customers can handle everything from their mobile phones. Using a QR Code or a text, you can send your customers a link straight to your pass.

Fast Delivery

Passes are delivered and updated at the speed of the internet.

When a customer scans a QR code or clicks on a link for your pass, they are immediately prompted to add the pass to their wallet. Once the pass is in their wallet, they will receive notifications from your business when they are nearby or when you send out updates. Since the pass is also updated in real-time in the background, any time you update a pass through your online portal your customer’s pass is also updated inside their phone wallet.

Just-In-Time Advertising

Running a deal today only? We've got you covered.

Because passes update in real-time, you can use your pass to take advantage of urgent situations. Let’s say you have chicken that expires tomorrow, now you can update your pass and send out a notifications letting everyone know all chicken entrees are half off today only. Once you use up all your extra chicken, simply change the pass to something else.

You're in Charge

15% off? Free? You can decide. Anytime.

With the PassExpress Dashboard, you have full control of your pass content and information. You can edit your passes and push out notifications in real-time. If you decide your coupon needs to change, you can update it and send it out to all of your customers right away.

I Can See My House

Notifications when you want them, where you want them.

Whenever a customer is near your store, they will get a notification reminding them of their pass and encouraging them to come in. Because you have complete control over your pass, you also have control to what message is displayed. This will ensure top of mind awareness for your customer, giving you a loyal customer for a long- time.

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